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  • Limitless & Scaleable

    The JETPAC video platform allows for HD quality, large screen dimensions, and massive file size upload.

    All delivered on a proprietary worldwide Content Delivery Network to ensure your content reaches your users

  • Brandable & Customizable

    The JETPAC player is easily brandable from the administration area, giving you a player that communicates your brand effectively no matter where the player is placed or shared. JETPAC works transparently to provide the video infrastructure that will truly propel your message.
  • Built In web2.0

    JETPAC is built with sharing and social media in mind. Built in sharing tools that can be turned on or off from the administrative area give the content owner complete control over the availability of these features.
The JETPAC Service

JetPac has been designed to be a powerful and complete video delivery platform, yet very simple to use. In fact, with JetPac, you can have your video online in three easy steps.







There are three ways to upload your video content to your JetPac account

1. Drag and drop a video file onto our JetFuel® desktop application, select the output size and bitrate resolution, and click the upload button. Your video is automatically converted to the flv. format and uploaded to your JetPac account.

2. Use the upload form in the administration area of your JetPac account.

3. Record a video directly from a web cam or similar device into your JetPac account.



In your administration area you manage the assets of each video to determine the category and style of the video, player attributes, sharing controls, and any advertising relationships that are desired. Within your admin console you will also manage your launch page properties, and get link and embed codes to make website insertion a snap.



The delivery of your Internet video is the most crucial step, and this is where JetPac excells. If your audience isn't satisfied with the quality and experience of watching your content, your chances of getting them back drop sharply. JetPac's custom flash player is accessible by over 97% of user's browsers and has been designed to provide your audience with a dynamic viewing experience. And, JetPac's reliable content delivery network ensures your audience will see your videos when and where you want them to.


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