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  • Limitless & Scaleable

    The JETPAC video platform allows for HD quality, large screen dimensions, and massive file size upload.

    All delivered on a proprietary worldwide Content Delivery Network to ensure your content reaches your users

  • Brandable & Customizable

    The JETPAC player is easily brandable from the administration area, giving you a player that communicates your brand effectively no matter where the player is placed or shared. JETPAC works transparently to provide the video infrastructure that will truly propel your message.
  • Built In web2.0

    JETPAC is built with sharing and social media in mind. Built in sharing tools that can be turned on or off from the administrative area give the content owner complete control over the availability of these features.
JETPAC Applications

JETPAC in it's most simplistic form is a managed video delivery platform, allowing your site to deliver video in a way that is best suited for your application. There are no restrictions on video dimensions, and our upload capacities are the largest in the industry, capable of handling any length video file you have. Our player is custom brandable, and we can even create specific new ones for you in a matter of hours. Combine all this with our custom services and you have a white label video solution that is thinking farther into the future of online video, and taking you with us.

With JETPAC as your online video partner, you are not burdened with the task of figuring out how to convert and upload each video you have on your site. Then you are relieved from the problem of effectively serving that video out, which is a hefty load on your already hard working servers. After that can you track your videos? Can they be shared by your users? What about a custom designed player, and lastly how do you incorporate advertising?

With JETPAC, all of that is taken care of - in one easy to use place. A platform to handle all of uploading & conversion, management, delivery, marketing, sharing and advertising: allowing your content to get online faster, and utilizing significantly less human and hardware resources. JETPAC provides a way for your organization, and even your site users, a way to get video online quickly, where it can be managed conveniently from one location and delivered from a multitude of failsafe locations. This allows you to focus on your core business, and that's what you do best anyway.


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