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  • Limitless & Scaleable

    The JETPAC video platform allows for HD quality, large screen dimensions, and massive file size upload.

    All delivered on a proprietary worldwide Content Delivery Network to ensure your content reaches your users

  • Brandable & Customizable

    The JETPAC player is easily brandable from the administration area, giving you a player that communicates your brand effectively no matter where the player is placed or shared. JETPAC works transparently to provide the video infrastructure that will truly propel your message.
  • Built In web2.0

    JETPAC is built with sharing and social media in mind. Built in sharing tools that can be turned on or off from the administrative area give the content owner complete control over the availability of these features.
About Us

JETPAC was founded by Mark J. Matteau and Nathan King, each bringing to the company a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their related fields. Their common vision to help individuals, organizations, and businesses take advantage of the powerful dynamics of on-line video has led to numerous projects, the most recent being JetPac.tv.


Nathan King – CEO, Chief Architect, and Co-founder

Nathan King began his career as a web developer and programmer long before his college days at East Tennessee State University. In the seven years he has spent developing projects with Mr. Matteau, he has constantly sought out the newest technology information and methods, especially pertaining to digital video delivery. His knowledge of Internet applications is a driving force behind the success of JetPac.

Mr. King is also the founder of an Internet consulting business where he provides invaluable and timely information to individuals and businesses who want to develop a successful Internet presence.


Mark J. Matteau - President, and Co-founder

Mark J. Matteau brings over thirty years of business knowledge and visionary leadership to his role as president of JetPac.tv. As founder and president of six companies over the past three decades, Mr. Matteau is passionate about the role small businesses play in our economy and is constantly looking for ways to help them grow. “By providing a cost effective way for companies to take advantage of the powerful dynamics of Internet video, JetPac is giving its clients a necessary tool for future growth.”


Contact Us


3100 Bristol Highway,
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604

Telephone: +1 423 202 3420
Fax: +1 423 282 1928
Mark Mobile: +1 423 677 8210
Nathan Mobile: +1 423 773 2728

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Client Reviews

As a freelance videographer JETPAC allows me to showcase my work online easily without all the added distractions of other services. I have been able to get client approval for videos by using JETPAC and posting the file on line for review. The ability to customize the video settings puts their service above and beyond the rest.

Kyle Long
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