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VidRokker Media adopts new name and look
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 13:52
VidRokker Media, a video streaming and solutions company, announced today that it has changed its name to JetPac.tv and has developed a new look and corporate web site at www.jetpac.tv. The new image was designed to better showcase the “quality of video streaming service tools” offered by the company.
Swap Feature
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 13:52
This morning we added a new feature to allow you to swap one video file for another without changing the embed code on your site - This allows you to embed a “front page video” and change it frequently without having to alter the HTML of your site. This will change all instances, even if the video is embedded on another site.
playPoint Feedback
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 25 March 2008 13:51

We are almost done with the development of playpoints and would love to have any user feedback to enhance this feature. A playpint is a point of time within a JETPAC movie that has additional information and can be jumped directly to as soon as the data for the playPoint is loaded. For instance - if you recorded a class in math, the content uploader could set playPoints for lecture, example 1, example 2, etc… This way, if a student missed the example 2 or just wanted to review it they can click on the playPoint to go directly to that portion of the movie. Currently playPoints have a time, title and description. We are however discussing enabling basic HTML so that the description can contain bulleted lists, links and images. This would allow the content uploader to provide links to more resources, or show/exaplain in more detail the events that are happening on screen.

playpPoints will be accessible in two ways:

  1. if a movie contains a playPoint, the point will show as a small mark on the timeline as soon as that playPoint is loaded and available.
  2. if a movie contains a playPoint, the user/viewer will be able to access a scrolling list of playPoints from the sharing menu(by clicking on the video itself) or by clicking the share button, which we will be renaming to “tools”.

once a playpoint is selected, the user/viewer (can I call them a viewser? cause they are doing more than viewing and using… maybe a uewer? iewser.) is taken to that point in the movie and the title/description of the playPoint is loaded and shown.

content uploaders can set play points in the admin area, by moving to a point in the movie, clicking “add playPoint” and entering the title and description.

any thoughts for enhancement, other applications?

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